My name is JoAnn, most friends call me Jo and with the help of my S.O., Jesse, we run, Happiness is Homemade. I couldn't do it without his help, he is my biggest supporter. We have made our home in Alaska, with his son, Lucas and my 2 boys, Gavin and Trevor. We are adventure seekers and Alaska is the best place for all of us to live, play, laugh and even EAT. 

Cooking is my passion. I write cookbooks, mostly wild game themed, but at the request of many customers, I am working on an "all" cookbook. So, stay tuned for that.

I started making Charcuterie boards for family and friend gatherings, some time ago, and found that I love making these big plates for everyone to enjoy. My board seemed to be the hit at every event and now is the request for every get-together, thus bringing me to these cute, portable boxes. We hope that you and yours can enjoy these Charcuterie Boxes as much as mine and ours do.